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Corinthian Colleges
Corinthian Colleges, until recently one of the country’s largest for-profit higher education chains, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy this year, one week after shutting down its remaining campuses. This marks the climax of the collapse of the company that was once praised on Wall Street for its profitable model of offering degrees to low-income students who took out heavy student loans from the government to pay the cost of their tuition. Corinthian Colleges

Sanford Brown Closure

As you may well know, The Sanford Brown closure of their Colleges and Institutes has left many students scrambling for a way to get their student loans forgiven. However all hope is not lost, there are several Obama student loan forgiveness programs available that you may qualify for. There are varying circumstances around the loan forgiveness, but if you are a victim to these predatory for-profit schools we highly advise you call us too see how we can help. To see if you qualify, and learn what steps to take next, give us a call at 877-676-4096

Preschool New York

Finger Painted Hands Preschool Home About Curriculum Our Handprint FPH Admissions UPK Gallery Testimonials Contact. At Finger Painted Hands, our environment helps children learn by providing engaging materials in a structured setting, giving them the freedom to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally to his or her potential. Now accepting applications for 2014-2015 school year Apply Today.

Drug Lawyers

Our South Bay drug crimes lawyers exclusively defend clients charged with felony and misdemeanor narcotics offenses involving marijuana, synthetic marijuana (Spice or Flaca), cocaine, methamphetamine (meth), prescription drugs, heroin, ecstasy, anabolic steroids, or other controlled substances. In Torrance and throughout the South Bay, it is a misdemeanor drug crime to possess illegal drugs or “street drugs.” However, although classified as “legal drugs,” possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription is also a misdemeanor drug offense in California.