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You may qualify for a reduction or elimination of your student loan debt. This app will help you dispute your federal student loan debt from your school. It will guide you through a series of questions about your experience with Corinthian, and turn your answers into a form that we will submit on your behalf to the US Department of Education.

The personal information you provide here will only be used to fill out the Defense to Repayment form. We will not share it with anybody else without your permission.

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Corinthian Loan Forgiveness. Student Loan Forgiveness and Debt Relief. Disclaimer: Corinthian Loan Forgiveness is a private company and does not claim to be affiliated with any Federal, State, or Local Government agencies. The Corinthian Loan Forgiveness assists people to obtain Federal Government Student Loan Forgiveness and or Consolidation programs by pre-qualifying, preparing and submitting required documentation on their behalf. People with student loan debt have the legal right to use an attorney or process Federal Student Loan Services documentation on their own behalf.